What is the most effective method for learning Forex Trading successfully?

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by Daniel Uzzo
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What is the most effective method for successfully learning Forex Trading? My first recommendation is to avoid following the crowd, especially composed of losing traders. When I refer to the losing crowd, I mean all those individuals and professionals who fail to recognize their part in the group experiencing losses. In the industry, a saying circulates, claiming that 90% of traders lose, leaving only the remaining 10% as winners. Fully grasping this statement is crucial. If 90% of trades fail, it implies that online information about Forex Trading has a high probability of leading to losses. Essentially, any information discovered about the market in 90% of cases should be interpreted as a warning, indicating what not to do. It's not an instruction to blindly follow; rather, it's a guide on what "not to do" in the market. Therefore, it's vital to acquire information that surpasses the standard levels disseminated so far.

The jMathFx Perspective: A Unique Trading Platform

With many years of experience in the forex market, unlike many colleagues, I financed the construction of my trading platform, jMathFx. This project is entirely self-supported, without involvement from external financiers. This choice sheds light on the reason behind such an investment in the market. Initially, many considered me crazy when questioning why I would create another platform, given the plethora already available, some even offered for free. The issue is that many of these platforms, besides being free, completely conceal the logic, formulas, and mathematical constraints behind the forex market, crucial for understanding it.

The Essence of Mathematical Rules in Forex

The forex market adheres to mathematical rules, constraints, formulas, and conditional probability logic. jMathFx highlights these dynamics, unlike many other platforms that overlook them. This is one of the main reasons why most people incur losses: they lack an understanding of the market, its dynamics, and operate with limited tools compared to how the forex market should be presented, following a predominantly mathematical profile.

The Role of Brokers and the Internal Trading Circuit

Understanding the counterparts of the market, especially the role of brokers, is crucial. Despite some brokers claiming to direct you to the interbank market, significant exposure is rare. Operating with leverage in the interbank market requires high competence, as brokers must trust your trading choices. So, you can already imagine the circuit you are forced to work in; it's in their favor! When you open an account, understanding that the broker will always be your counterpart means you are operating in the broker's internal circuit, and they act as your counterparty. What you lose is their gain, and what you gain is their loss. Therefore, it is inevitable to remind you that most brokers, except for a few, have an interest in making you lose, explaining the abundance of free and misleading information. It's widely acknowledged among professionals that circulating information is not reliable for starting in Forex Trading. That documentation should be read as a "guide on what not to do in the market."

Explore jMathFx and Deepen the Method

Therefore, the best advice I can offer regarding the method is what you find in jMathFx and delve into it. I have assisted numerous beginners who, by learning this method, have started to earn without significant difficulties. This has not been the case with the same success for traders who had previous experience with common and traditional methods.

The Opportunity of Free Training and Increasing Awareness

In this regard, I invite you to attend an educational program that should still be free and accessible. You can find it here. In this program, I explain many aspects of Forex trading; things that no one out there will ever tell you, simply because they do not know and will never come to know. Explore that path without any commitment and obligation on your part. After completing the study, you can decide whether to continue in this business or stop. But you will do so with greater awareness. I guarantee it!